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You gave me your hand I held it in mineAnd we made the unstoppable stop – time You picked me a rose from your neighbour&

Take Your Pills

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor – what has worked for me does not work for everyone.  Every person and diagnosis is diff


According to Psychologist, speaker, motivator,  Dr. Amir Georges Sabongui Happiness is derived from three different categorie

Sweater Weather

I don’t want to talk about the Harvest Moon, the season change or my menstrual cycle.  I don’t want to talk about how whe

Your Gut Know What’s Up – Trust It!

In July I had the opportunity to go to Europe for (mostly) free.  I had some reservations about going mostly because of the g

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

I think it’s safe to say we have all experienced a time when we have over used social media.  I remember when Facebook firs


Be romantic Be soft Be sexy Be quiet Be comfortable in your own skin Be confident to ask for what you would like Be calm Be ki

Born Again Good Girl

Bottle it up Don’t blow Don’t blow it Don’t blow it all Don’t blow it again Keep quiet Keep calm Keep

The Truth Will Be Too Much

“I will tell you what you need to know.  I will tell you what you need to hear. Because the truth will be too much.  The t

Healing Crystals

I recently travelled to Portugal and had a very challenging time.  Despite the beauty surrounding me, I spent most of my week

French Girls

Bonjour!  There is something about summer that always fills my heart with a longing for Paris.  Vintage shopping, sleeping

Tune In To This: My Favourite Instagram Accounts Are ALL Getting Podcasts and I’m REAL Excited About It.

Am I cool? I don’t know.  Do I love certain IG accounts yes, are the women of said Instagram accounts all launching t


My week began with me unable to get out of bed. I was once again struck with the weight of a depressive episode which paraly

The Most Important Person on Instagram Just Got a Podcast

I would like to introduce you to someone who brings a lot of happiness, peace and self-acceptance into my life – throug

I Thought About Killing You

 Kanye West’s new album Ye has dropped and already the internet is talking up a storm.  Two of the most notable song

How I Deal With Work Anxiety

                                             Anxiety + Depression Necklaces: Bando     Fuck Off Neck

This is my Mental Health Story

May is Mental Health Month and I’m at a place in my mental health journey where I feel comfortable sharing my story with yo

Bipolar 2

When I was 25  I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 – which was a relief for me.  I was someone who had spent my entire life


 He says I’m soft The way I stand The way I speak The way I walk He said I’m sweet That he can’t fall asleep Because re

Attitude of Gratitude

If there is an intention I try and set for myself each and every day (because its about making the choice and effort daily) &#

Silver Lining

Yesterday I woke up at 3:00am with a migraine and was pretty much awake until I went to sleep last night. If you have ever had


Strip it all away Layer by layer Promise by Promise One bit at a time Dismantle the walls Rip up the floors Smash through the

Breakfast Oats Bar

Growing up warm oatmeal was a staple breakfast in my home.  It was quick, easy, comfort food that filled me up for the entire

How to Become a Morning Person

Working at League is awesome for many reasons – one being the weekly corporate wellness services provided to all emplo

Current Obsession: Winter Beauty Products.

It’s -17 degrees outside today in Toronto – which is actually warmer than it’s been.  I’m currently o

Happy New Year

                                               Family photo on the driveway When I was a little girl N

Loving Ourselves Through Hibernation Season.

Short days, turn into below freezing weeks, stretching out into frost-bitten months, leaving Canadians anxious to bid adieu to

Stepping Into The Salt Cave: A Day At The Windsor Arms Spa

The Windsor Arms Hotel is an acquired taste. If you are looking for that 1920’s Humphrey Bogart, Great Gatsby vibe, you have

I had a dream last night…

Someone told me about a place Where everything is easy Chests never feel heavy Breathing is never hard People just float Exist

Gifts from Club Ashram

I have spent the last few days home sick – but woke today after 12 hours of sleep feeling better – walked outside

Don’t Be a Dick

Last week was a challenge.  Getting out of bed, finding a fuck to give about my unruly hair, battling the crowded Toronto com

Poem for Mum

I’m a walking mum tattoo The ink in my blood Is close as I can get to you And some nights I can sleep without one tear And

I’m Having Some Feelings About My Feelings.

I’m having some feelings about my feelings – about the way women have been mistreated and continue to be mistreated. 

Dear Sex Offenders – The Answer is NO.

There is a so much hurt happening in the world.  People putting their hands where they don’t belong.  Forcing themselves,

The Importance of How to Hold + How Not to Hold.

There is a heaviness On her chest In her heart Throughout her breathing passage It blocks her breath It tightens her lungs It

Sit Still, Listen Hard, Write It Down, Tell No One.

With summer coming to an end – my soul is beginning to calm as my mind refocuses on setting realistic goals, restructuri

The Little Things

It’s easy to forget the little things – and how much significance they bring into our daily life.  I’ve bee

Dear Females – You Are Not Alone.

When I was in high school I arrived one morning to find the word “Whore” written in permanent marker on my locker.  I sto

Heavy Meditation

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  If you are like me, and have been diagnosed with a mental “illness”, this

Canadian Hosting & Guesting 3.0

A couple of weeks ago my friend Julie and I took an impromptu road trip to Chelsea Quebec to see our dear friend Patrice. If

Weekend Away

My dad moved into a beautiful home outside of the city a couple of years ago. It’s a big home, that can fit our family o

Toronto Yoga Conference & Show

After a 15 hour migraine, I woke up today with a clear head and a free pass to the Toronto Yoga Conference & Show –

Face It: Sometimes All Our Soul Needs is a Little Face Mask Action.

The road to self improvement is never ending, but sometimes I just need a good old face mask followed by a long hot shower to

Mental Health Matters

It’s Friday night, and she’s just arrived home to realize she has forgotten to pick up her monthly prescription.

Ste. Anne’s Spa

Living in Toronto, Ontario I sometimes envy those living in America and Europe.  The endless options for weekend jaunt locat

Love Your Soul

 Last night I fed my soul – Soul style, and checked out the newly opened, much anticipated Soul Cycle Toronto.  For t

Always Be Me.

I have a routine of window shopping online, putting things into my basket, getting to the check out and then closing my brow

Rise Up: Goddess Group

 Every Monday at 11:00am I participate in a guided meditation lead by the wonderful Catie Fenn.  Catie is a Toronto Lawyer,

Sleep Easy, Be Well.

I love sleep, I love going to bed early, sleeping peacefully wrapped up in my fluffy duvet, dreaming vividly, and waking up re

Not Myself Today

Walking through the office today I noticed a pile of colourful buttons, each labeled with a different emotion, under each feel

We Are All Spirits Having a Human Experience – This Is Mine.

More Me, Less You is a personal blog that shares my Human Experience as a Spirit.  My name is Hannah, and I am a city girl w