“I will tell you what you need to know.  I will tell you what you need to hear.

Because the truth will be too much.  The truth will be, the truth will be.”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis play in my ears, the lyrics go through my mind and I realize how true this sentence really is.

The problem with today is that men are not prepared to hear the truth of women.

Women’s truth stir up emotions.

Men start having feelings about their feelings.

Men want to find somebody to blame.

They want to ask women questions, when women aren’t the ones with the answers.

It is not a women’s responsibility to explain a man’s behaviour.

The trouble with today is that people ask for the whole story.

The private moments.

All of the details.

But once they have all of the information, people don’t know what to do
with it.

They don’t know what to do with themselves.

They are left with too much.

They have no where to put it.

No way to process it.

We are living in a world where everyone has a truth.

In a world where our truths are very real to us.

Your truth is yours.

My truth is mine.

No one can take that away from us.

But we need to keep our secrets to ourselves.

We need to be selective with what we share.

We need to be deliberate with our words.

We live in a culture where we feel the need to prove ourselves.

We feel the need to post everything to prove it actually happened.

We live in a time where self esteem comes from Instagramification.

We need to hold our shit up high and demand everyone to look and cheer.

“Look what she did, look what she did!”

When we share.

Open up.

Give it all away.

It changes things.

Whether you want things to change or not.

Whether someone loves you or hates you.

Whether you trust someone or not.

The words you speak and images you share shift reality.

The truth you speak can alter people’s perception.

It is influencing the way you represent yourself.

It is stirring up feelings.

Everyone is going around encouraging women to find their voice.

Speak their truth?

For what?

So they can feel exposed?

Vulnerable in an unsafe, judgemental world.

So they can feel like somebody on the internet.

Only for the internet to turn around and make it bad.

Make it dirty.

If I get hard,

Get loud.

No one will hear me.

They will see anger.

So I stay quiet.

I remain soft and I choose to love myself, to know myself, and keep my secrets safely stowed away.

Know my truth.

Let God decide on what the outcome will be.

Don’t numb yourself.

Don’t let anyone make you feel like you have explain yourself.

Stay soft.

Be Kind and keep your secrets to yourself.

Keep it safe.

Keep it quiet.

Keep it to yourself.

Write it down.

Pray about it.

But keep it private.

Protect yourself.

Protect your heart and soul and softness.

It’s so seriously sacred.

Protect what is sacred.

Be deliberate.

Deliberately allow dichotomy between your sacred secrets and society.

They don’t deserve all of you.

Some things are meant to be just for us.

So cherish it.

Keep it in your hand.

Close to your heart.

And hide it away.

For always.

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