Growing up warm oatmeal was a staple breakfast in my home.  It was quick, easy, comfort food that filled me up for the entire morning. On Fridays I serve up breakfast at League for 120+ people. It sounds like a big job – simplifying things makes my life easier – but I welcome everyone’s gratitude and praise when they refer to me as “Breakfast Oprah”. In the warmer season I make over night oats which is super easy.  I make sure to offer plenty of toppings because the oats are sugar free and well, some folks need a little treat with their morning coffee.  In the winter, I make warm oats, it takes all of 5 minutes in the microwave and the same toppings pair with them perfectly. For overnight oats I go to Bulk Barn and buy rolled oats.  I fill a salad bowl half way and then use soy milk to fill the oats until their is a layer of milk passing the oats.  Then I saran wrap the bowl and leave it in the refrigerator over night.  In the morning you have cold, healthy, over night oats!  You can use any kind of milk products or milk alternatives you please – I use soy because some people in the office have nut allergies. For warm oats I buy Quaker Quick Oats, I put the same amount of soy milk and oats into a salad bowl, but this time I put the oats in the microwave for 5 minutes.  I stir after 2.5 minutes, stir again at 5, then serve.  Easy peasy lemon squeezey. The good thing about oats is they are really healthy for you, they are good for lowering cholesterol, but don’t eat too many or you could experience constipation.  Everything in moderation!  Toppings are fun!  Get creative, I serve up everything from raison and cinnamon, to honey, peanut butter, agave and jam, to shredded coconut, sliced almonds, crushed walnuts and dried blueberries.  The best topping of all, is fresh organic berries!  Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, all the berries taste so good topped on top of oats!

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