There is a so much hurt happening in the world.  People putting their hands where they don’t belong.  Forcing themselves, using their power, their money, their reputation, their strength to behave weakly, inconceivably evil, unforgivable.

I was taught at a very young age to “keep your hands to yourself” and “leave what is not yours alone” so, why are these grown ass people forgetting? Neglecting? Disrespecting?  Where do they get off believing they are above the law, above leading a life with common decency, above the marginalized line of those they chose to victimize?

Rape, sexual assault, abuse, sexism, is not an isolated incident.  It is not a matter of celebrity. It is not a matter of feminism.  It is not a matter of culture or religion. It is not a news story.  A media frenzy. It is a matter of hate.  It is a matter of sickness.  People believing their behaviour is OK when it is anything but OK.

Together we need to unite.  Men and women putting their voices together to call these people out.

Teach the lessons we learned as children.  Then repeat the lesson, over and over and over again;

“Keep your hands to yourself”

“If it does not belong to you – leave it the fuck alone”.
“Yes” means “Yes”  and “Yes” means “No”.

Ask permission.

If the voice answering trembles, and their knees are pressed tightly together.  It’s a “No”

If their is fear in their eyes.

“Yes” means “No”.

If you have to use force – the answer is “No”.

If their body is uncomfortable, defenceless, helpless – the answer is “No”.

“May we feel safe, may we be happy, may we be free”

If you intrude, if you disrupt, if you are the reason that any other human does not have their basic rights in their life – the answer is “NO”.

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