The road to self improvement is never ending, but sometimes I just need a good old face mask followed by a long hot shower to wash away the day (and all of my dead skin).  I haven’t always been a face mask girl, to be honest I was a soap and water girl for most of my life, but now due to my age, seemingly giant pores, and life – I feel like my face needs and deserves a little extra love and attention.

By no means do I consider myself a beauty expert, in fact, I rely heavily on recommendations from other women when it comes to pampering products.  Women who love their face as much as I do and who are bad ass enough to share their favourite face treatments with me – and all of you.
Name: Margo
Instagram: @margiefran

Home: Cleveland, Ohio

Occupation: Leasing Agent 

Mask I LOVE: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask –  Dubbed as the “Worlds most powerful facial”.  

Why I love it: My pores definitely feel cleansed with this mask, it is a game changer!  After years of experimenting with every kind of cleanser and mask to try and rid my skin of its imperfections, I finally found the regimen to get me back to a youthful glow.  

During my mid 20s I started to gravitate towards an all natural collection of beauty products.  This mask is one of my most recent additions.  I apply once a week (or more if I see a pimple or two beginning to surface) and I see a change to my skin almost immediately.  My once dull skin begins to glow, my pores begin to shrink, and my acne scarring fades bit by bit after each use.  The pulsing and tightening of your face as the mask dries let’s you know that it’s working.  Don’t be alarmed by red skin after removing the clay… fades in about a half hour as your youthful glow is revealed!

Where to get it:  Amazon or buy it at your local health food store.

Name: Christine with daughter Bo.
Instagram: @christinebrissin
Home: Kitchener, Ontario
Occupation: Marketing Manager turned Stay-At-Home-Mom
Mask I LOVE: Still Spa Essentials – Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask. Why I Love It: I’ve been 100% consistent with my skin care routine for the last 10 years; that being a combination of Cetafil and Kiehls. But, the one thing that I’m always changing up are my face masks. I confess to being that person who buys the sample packs you see hanging on the end aisles at Shoppers or Walmart with the brightly colour packaging offering you 1 or 2 uses. I have been making the shift to natural/organic products for myself and my family in the skin care, grocery and cleaning product realms so, I was drawn to this brand. I also like the idea of putting minerals and nutrients back into my skin with a dead sea mud mask. Would I buy this one again? Yes. My skin was smooth, bright and felt so clean after use, continuing into the next day.  Name: Mishka Ma

Instagram: @clubashram Home: Vancouver, British Columbia  Occupation: Owner, Club Ashram

Mask I LOVE: Origins, Out of Trouble

Why I love it:  First, I love Origins because they combine the power of plants and science. Your skin is your biggest organ and we absorb everything we put on it- it’s so important to be able to read ingredients. This mask doesn’t have Paragons, Sulphates, Phthalates, or gross chemicals fragrances (meaning, no bad stuff!) And most importantly, this mask WORKS! Whether I’m fighting city pollution and free radicals, hormones, or coming home from a yoga shoot where I wore full makeup-under hot lights-while sweating and doing yoga for 8 hours-this mask saves me!

Where to get it: Sephora + NordstromName: Maria

Instagram: @evapie

Home: Toronto, OntarioOccupation:

Social Media Director

Mask I LOVE: Seacret M4: mineral-rich magnetic mud mask

Purpose of Mask: for smoother, more radiant, healthier and younger-looking skin.
Why I love it: Using the power of biomagnetism as I run the magnet (so nifty) over my face, the iron powder in the mask is magnetized, creating micro-electric currents that gently relax my skin and pull out whatever has been stuck in my pores.

Where to get it: Amazon   Name: Momo Salomon

Instagram: @momo4agape

Home: Miami Beach, Florida

Occupation: Teacher/Event Producer/ Director of Missions and Guest Services

Mask I LOVE: Boscia Charcoal Deep-Pore Exfoliating Peel Gel

Why I love it: Removes old dead skin cells, buffs, exfoliates, draws out dirt from pores, reduces pore sizes and enhances skin elasticity.   Brought to you by the same line that produces the black mask to remove blackheads that has been all the buzz recently. I prefer this mask peel, as it has a less harsh removal process especially for sensitive skin, it’s not as well known but it is magical! There is immediate gratification in watching your dead skin just come off upon addition of mask to face. It leaves skin smooth, and cleansed with a notable difference upon just one use. It’s base is all natural products such as black charcoal, volcanic sand, and artichoke leaf extract.

The funnest part for me is applying it and then with small circles peeling away the impurities! For best use, apply after cleansing face with regular face wash. Rinse with water and a towel, patting gently and removing excess sand softly. The volcanic sand does get stuck to facial hair especially near the sideburns and lower cheek area, if nothing else works apply a little coconut oil and run through with the towel! For additional results apply natural moisturizer afterwards after peel a.k.a another reason for coconut oil! Recommended just once a week!

Where to get it: Sephora

Name: Vanessa

Instagram: @Vanessaevigan

Home: Nashville, Tennessee

Occupation: Actress/Designer/Blogger

Mask I LOVE: Redefine Mask by Rodan + Fields

Why I love it: This mask tones, firms, minimizes pores and exfoliates.  I love it because it makes my skin soft and shrinks my large pores.  I love that it keeps my skin under control too.

Where to get it:  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the lovely ladies who took time out of their crazy lives to pamper themselves and share their beauty tips with me for this post.  I am so appreciative – you gals rule!

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