I have spent the last few days home sick – but woke today after 12 hours of sleep feeling better – walked outside to a blue sky, refreshing brisk air and a gift from California in my mail box. There is something to be said about receiving mail – when its something other than a bill!  For those of you who know me – I’ve shared my love and romanticism about the written letter but parcels fill me up with gratitude and happiness knowing something special has be sent right to my hands – a gift just for me. Todays loveliness flew all the way from sunny California to the very cold Canada.  Inside I received two bracelets and Palo Santo Wood Incense (they smell amazing) from the Club Ashram Ritual Market.The bracelets are custom made just for me with the words “love” and “baby.”  “Love” is my religion and I try to spread it every where I go, “baby” because I am the youngest of three and it is one of the pet names my mom had for me that I will forever cherish.The creator Mishka Ma selected crystals that personally represent me.  Blue was mom’s favourite colour and green is the colour of my birth stone.  The materials used to make the bracelets are wood and crystals, gifts that will help me to receive vibes from our beautiful sacred Earth. Thank you Mishka for the blessings – I love them.  If you would like to follow Mishka Ma to learn from her wisdom or purchase custom pieces from the Club Ashram Ritual Market follow her on Instagram @anandohamanandabraham

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