You gave me your hand
I held it in mine
And we made the unstoppable stop – time

You picked me a rose from your neighbour’s garden
And poured me French champagne
We kissed for hours, mouths swollen and soar
Convincing me love wasn’t a losing game

We danced in the kitchen, our shirts thrown on the floor, and nothing but the music mattered anymore

We breathed in airless places
Beneath the surface of the sea
You reached my deepest depth 
When you were inside of me

I like how we don’t rush into things, the way others always do
We don’t talk about making babies, shacking up or bother with I love yous

We spend days apart, then even more together
Making love like it’s the first time and we want it to last forever

I whisper “Gus Gus my amore”
You moan “Moira the one I adore”
And we barrel over in laughter and we end up on the floor

And maybe it’s not perfect, but it feels like maybe we’re starting to get this right
Hey nothing in life is worth keeping, if its not worth putting up a fight

I’ll sit up at any bar with you
Dolled up in my prettiest thing to wear
As long as you keep calling me kitten and letting me run my fingers through your hair

We can keep things easy and keep on doing this dance
If this as good as God has given us, let the movies keep their romance


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