Family photo on the driveway

When I was a little girl New Years was spent with family at home, watching the ball drop on TV.  Together we would countdown from ten and at the strike of midnight – run to get pots, pans and wooden spoons from the kitchen, one lucky kid would get the long horn, that spent every other day of the year decorating the fireplace mantle.  Then we would run outside onto the driveway, I don’t even think my parents made us put on our coats, just winter boots, and with all our might we would shout “HAPPY NEW YEAR”, while banging the spoons against the pots and blowing the long horn until we were short of breath.  After, we would run back inside, unfazed by winters chill, laughing, happy and whole.

                                                 Christmas Dinner

When I think back on my childhood memories, how my parents always made sure the holidays were extra special, it can make the adult version feel al little dull.  Some might say “it’s about starting new traditions” but my heart never feels quite as full without my family.

                         Cross country skiing in our backyard as a family

I guess if it were up to me, I would spend every new years with my family still, counting down and celebrating momentarily on the drive, before heading in for a goodnight sleep.  Waking up to a morning that is bright and new and right.

        My sister + I skating in our backyard – on the ice rink dad made for us

I have gotten into the habit (some might call it a tradition) of spending my last day of the year doing a big clean up.  I love the idea of literally having a fresh start in a clean home on the first day of the year.  Here’s my To Do list Today;

  1. Wash my face
  2. Launder Everything
  3. Clean house
  4. Drink my Tealish detox tea
  5. Meditate  with Headspace App + Journal
  6. Eat a healthy + delicious breakfast
  7. Be present, Be Mindful, Be Grateful
  8. Tell my special people I love them
  9. Light a candle for my loved ones who are no longer with me today
  10. Thank God for the love I am blessed with and pray to be of service in the year to come.

I hope you have all had a wonderful 2017, despite some of the terrible stuff that has been going on in this world.  I wish for 2018 to be a happy year for all of us, where we continue to speak out, stand up and choose love.  XOXO

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