I recently travelled to Portugal and had a very challenging time.  Despite the beauty surrounding me, I spent most of my week away feeling home sick, anxious and scared.  I even tried to change my return flight within the first 24 hours.

To help cope and manage my emotions, I purchased a healing crystal.  Crystals really help when I am in need of an emotional pick me up.

I had just arrived at the Oriente train station and as mentioned,  I was feeling very anxious.  I was walking around trying to navigate where to buy a ticket when I found myself standing in front of a kiosk selling healing crystals.  They were all beautiful but I was immediately drawn to the Pyrite stone.

Often referred to as “Fool’s Gold” for its resemblance to real gold, Pyrite may not have the monetary value of its doppelgänger, but it is a metaphysical treasure.  In addition to attracting wealth, abundance and good luck, it’s believed to hold a strong protective energy. The reflective nature of pyrite being more than just physical, it has the ability to show you which of your behaviours are holding you back. This elevates your consciousness to be more aware of what you need to change in order to vibrate the intention of abundance on the same frequency as pyrite. (Source: Energy Muse)

This stone made so much sense to me in that moment.  Pyrite was there to protect me, bring me good luck in my travels and help guide me through the rest of my trip.

Pyrite magnified my behaviour, clarified my feelings, brought light and self-awareness around my emotions, and in return enabled me to let go of the negativity, and vibrate on a higher frequency.

The rule of thumb when selecting a healing crystal; allow the energy of your body to connect organically with the energy of the stone – this will ensure the stone you select will serve you best.

When purchasing Healing Crystals I shop locally, and I always ask where the stones are from to ensure I am supporting an ethical retailer.

When I get home I wash my stone with natural soap.  Washing the stone clears out previous energies and allows room for the stone to receive my intention.  The best way to recharge your stone is by placing it on your window sell during a full moon or to absorb the sunshine.

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