Working at League is awesome for many reasons – one being the weekly corporate wellness services provided to all employees. Yoga, boot camp, massage, and last week – Productivity Coaching with Clare Kumar. I sat down with Clare and asked her if she had any advice on how I can become a morning person.  I wake up every day tired, hit snooze on my alarm clock and end up running out the door trying to catch the bus, and make it to work at a reasonable time.  I’m usually in past the time I should be and arrive flustered and rattled from my commute.  Having to sit at reception and be the face of the company – greet guests, maintain a calm composure, it’s not an ideal morning routine. Clare smiled and said “I can help you with that”.  After figuring out how long my commute is, how much time I need in the morning before my commute, and how much sleep I need we were able to put together the following schedule. 9:00pm No More Screen Time – Computer, Ipad, Iphone, Kindle.   10:30pm Get into bed. 11:00pm I should be asleep 7:00am Wake up 8:15am Be on the bus 9:00am Arrive at work It has been about 5 or 6 days now of following this schedule (including the weekend) and the results I have noticed in such a short time frame are amazing.  My sleep has improved, and mornings are now stress free.  The funny thing is, putting electronics away at 9:00pm – I can’t seem to stay awake past 10:15.  I’m up before my alarm even goes off and I feel refreshed. On Saturday I was up at 7:30am and I had a full day to enjoy to myself.  The best part of my morning, was going to The Good Neighbour coffee shop at 8:00am and having a mountain of pastries to choose from – big difference from when I show up around 11:00am.  There’s never anything left!The apricot danish and almond croissants are my favourite and pair perfectly with their Americano.  xo If you are interested in speaking with Clare on how to improve aspects of your life and you are you insured under League health benefits – book an appointment with Clare through the Marketplace.

Alternatively, you can visit to schedule a consultation as well.

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