Someone told me about a place

Where everything is easy

Chests never feel heavy

Breathing is never hard

People just float

Existing in the lightest form

I mentioned this place to someone else I knew

And I asked if it was real

Or if it was a mythical made up dream world

And they had heard of it too

And the more people I asked

The more people said yes

And the more this place

Seemed to be somewhere people could really go

But no one had ever travelled there

So I decided to dig a little deeper

I went back to the first person who told me

About the lightness

The city in the clouds

The zen state

And he told me it is a very real place

And that he had travelled there

And I could to

All I have to do is close my eyes

And focus on my breath

And picture a light starting in the tips of my toes

Moving its way slowly

To the top of my head

Illuminating my insides

And shining outwards

While breathing in and breathing out

All I had to do was sit silently still

And focus and I would become lighter

And I would forget the stresses of the day

The problems of the world

It will push the weight off my heaving chest

And sooth my body of its aches and pains

For the ones who dream of stranger worlds

Where people smile

And look you directly in your eyes

Who prefer to be naked and barefoot

To connect with the energies

To appreciate your own skin

Where somewhere warm can be under the sun

Or under the blankets

If you’ve seen it all

Close your eyes

Their is a place that exists

Where men aren’t afraid to grab a women by the back of the neck and kiss Them firmly

And a women can just be quiet and soft and enjoy his strength

Where everyone doesn’t have an opinion and a safe place

Because we’re all free and nothing has any weight

And who the fuck cares anyways

If I have a bottle of wine or a glass

And who the fuck cares if all i want is to make love morning noon and night

And who the fuck cares if i’m happy and you’re too busy to even notice

Because everyone enjoys the art of shutting the fuck up when Sunday rolls around

We are woke

Floating above the rest

In a superior universe

Where stars light the highways

To the galaxy where judgement never sticks

Light a candle

Breathe in deep

It’s going to be a glorious sleep

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