Kanye West’s new album Ye has dropped and already the internet is talking up a storm.  Two of the most notable songs are “Ghost Town” – i’m going to go ahead and say it’s the best song on the album, and coincidentally the best song to slow dance to with someone in your kitchen.  The other song – that is not sexy, but IS very real and in my opinion very brave is “I Thought About Killing You.”  Kanye, has obviously been struggling with his mental health and I hope he is investing as much time in self care then he is his music.   I Thought About Killing You’s lyrics accurately describe the thoughts of  someone who is unmedicated and suffering from bipolar disorder.  Obsessive thinking, suicidal thoughts, and thinking about “really bad things, really really really bad things” is unfortunately only a fraction of the struggle – that comes with living with bipolar.   I Thought About Killing You is Mental Health Awareness.  So take a minute, give it a listen, and then listen again, until the fear turns into compassion and empathy.  Until you want to wrap your arms around Kanye, and me and the rest of the mental health community and say “I won’t let anything bad happen to you, I’m here to help, we will fix the flawed healthcare system and we will make it all right.” So me, and Kanye and our community don’t have to feel bad about having a bad case of too many bad days because that’s bad enough already.

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