Last night I fed my soul – Soul style, and checked out the newly opened, much anticipated Soul Cycle Toronto.  For those of you who are in the fitness game but have not heard of Soul Cycle; I promise you soon will – especially now that the New York based spin club has opened it’s doors to their first Canadian location.
 Think sweaty dance party on a bike with killer music and you’re half way there.  I was excited heading into class, there was a buzz unlike any other workout facility I have been in.  Maybe it was the lack of space causing the electricity between sweaty cyclists pouring out of the dark, steamy room who had just cycled and fired up patrons ready for their turn to have their go.  Maybe it was the Soul staff amping everyone up to a level 10.  Maybe it was the thrill of having something new to try that would undoubtedly kick my case of the Mondays right in the butt. I mounted my bike in my cycling shoes and felt awkward.  I didn’t know how to click into my pedals.  A Soul staffer came over to adjust my seat and get me sorted but once the lights went down and music went up I couldn’t quite get into the swing of this.  I felt like the bike was in control of me and my legs seemed to tire too easily.  After about 10 minutes of sitting when everyone else was up and moving with the beat of the music I rose slowly, leaned forward, pedalled at my own pace and got my shoulders rocking.  I found my jam!  From there I can say I had a one hell of good time – sweating, panting, singing, cheering, and hollering for more.   The vibe was sunshine and rainbows my friends.  Some of the perks that are included in the $34 per class pricing are: bottle of Smart water and cycling shoes upon arrival.  Complimentary everything; hair ties, ear plugs, workout towels, lockers, fully stocked bathrooms/showers with fresh towels to lockers.  The $34 doesn’t just pay for the AMAZING spin class, it pays for the amenities that go along with the experience. The day after expect to feel the pain that comes with  a solid workout session.  (I’m dreading what day 2 post workout will feel like.)  Would I return? Absolutely, I anticipate going twice a month – if not for a sweaty workout session, then to abolish my case of the Mondays forever. For more information about Soul Cycle or to find out the scheduling and pricing for classes check out the Soul Cycle website.

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