Short days, turn into below freezing weeks, stretching out into frost-bitten months, leaving Canadians anxious to bid adieu to the Polar Vortex, and (impatiently) wait for Spring to arrive.  I have some winter blue deterrents hidden up my cable knit sweater sleeve for you to try that will help us all survive the Winter season.

Hydration and moisturizing are a must for every season no matter the budget there is something for everyone. Organic Raw Coconut Oil sells for as little as $4 a jar and is excellent for soothing dry skin and hair. Lather yourself from head to toe, wait 10 to 15 minutes then slip into a hot Epson salt bath. This warming, moisturizing and relaxing practice.  Next light up those illume candles, the Daniel Caesar’s Freudian album, and a bottle of red will become a ritual your body with cherish.

Water is a fresh and free resource that Canada is blessed with, we should all be drinking lots to stay hydrated.  When I get bored with H2O I switch from water to tea.  There are so many options these days when it comes to warm beverages why not use the cold season as an excuse to try them all? In the Junction where I live The Good Neighbour and Starbucks are my two local spots to purchase a warm cup of goodness.  If I’m feeling lazy or inventive I make my own cup of warm wellness; with ginger, honey, lemon, turmeric and hot water.

We all need a boost to keep our energy levels up. Sunlight, exercise and a well executed playlist are some of my mood lifters, and reasons for me to bundle up, get outside, breathe in the brisk air and bring my body back to life.

What are some of the ways you cope with the cold, manage through the winter and love yourself?

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