*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor – what has worked for me does not work for everyone.  Every person and diagnosis is different and individualized.  This is my own personal journey and experience.*

I’ve been taking prescription drugs consistently for three years.  During that time I’ve made sure to check in with my GP and spend time working through stuff with my therapist.

Figuring out my correct diagnosis took 24 years. It took an additional 10 years to take my medication properly.

It has been a long journey of learning about myself, different mental illnesses, understanding which behaviours I had and how to monitor them. 

It took me a few good fails to finally realize the only way to continue to feel stable was to take my pills – every day.  My story also involves a lot of growth with my emotional maturity.  It involves self acceptance, self love and empathy for myself and others experiencing their own mental health journey.

I’ve tried to lead a healthy lifestyle.  I don’t always get it right.  But one thing I have worked very diligently at and have achieved is a healthy level of inner peace and calmness.  Which is very important to me.  Stress has always been the chink in my armour. The one thing that can completely debilitate me. 

Living with a mental illness doesn’t mean I am less loveable, less qualified, less trust worthy, or less deserving than anyone else.  Living with a mental illness just means I have something that I am committed to and have to make it a top priority in my life.  I am who I am responsible for.

If you are not feeling OK and need someone to speak to I encourage you to get help.  If you decide to try medication – be patient, listen to your doctor but also be aware of what’s happening inside of you.  Mental Wellness and prescriptions are something that require commitment and responsibility.  Above all remember you are worth it.  Making yourself and your health a priority is the best thing you can do for yourself. xo

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