Walking through the office today I noticed a pile of colourful buttons, each labeled with a different emotion, under each feeling was a link NotMyselfToday.ca – I was intrigued. Naturally, I asked my colleague what the buttons were for and she told me NotMyselfToday is a mental health initiative created by an organization called Partners for Mental Health.  NotMyselfToday has successfully brought awareness and understanding of mental health into workplaces, reduced stigma, and helped create safe and supporting work cultures and environments.  Companies are provided with activities, tools and resources that take on the topic of mental health within the workforce.  The exercises build leverage to insight, which connects people and builds empathy and understanding toward those living with mental illness. NotMyselfToday is important to me because I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 10 years ago.  My mental health has never been something I have felt comfortable talking about openly, especially not in a work place.  Achieving strong mental health is a top priority in my life and it is something I work on everyday.  NotMyselfToday, is a warm reminder that I am not alone in my battle and that there are people in Toronto who care deeply about my Mental Health wellbeing.   I encourage workforces to introduce the NotMyselfToday initiative to their employees.  Supporting people who struggle with mental illness is vital.  Bringing awareness, eliminating stigma and creating a healthy, safe, accepting work environment ensures a positive space for employees to focus on work, opposed to work being one more hurdle in their day-to-day struggle in achieving strong mental health.
For more information about this initiative visit NotMyselfToday.ca

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