The holidays are over, our bank accounts are empty, and we could all use a week to ourselves, to catch up on sleep, and recover from the chaos that ensued all December.

I spent this past weekend laying low in my comfiest cosy weekend wear from OKAYOK.  A Toronto based brand and retailer who will be opening their new studio/shop in the Junction super soon.  

Founder, Adrienne Butikofer, is a cool mom, savvy business women, and someone I am lucky enough to call my friend and neighbour.

Adrienne creates contemporary sweatsuits ‘n’ such. The products are high quality which I could instantly tell, when I slipped into some of the softest fabrics I’ve ever worn.

Current Obsession: SUNDAY socks, made from an equal blend of wool and cotton.  They are loose, breathable and could easily replace house slippers.  I feel super cute wearing mine with leggings and a cable-knit during a ladies night in.  I like the way they look with jeans, lace ups and my boyfriend’s sweater too.  If I were to invent a description pulled from my own nostalgia I would describe SUNDAY socks as scrunchy sock meets canoe trip woolies.

In other news: I also splurged on the COCO Black Culottes because 

a) I’m worth it.

b) They were on sale and, 

c) They are so darn cute and comfortable. 

I will literally live in mine until they deteriorate.

*Disclaimer they are totally worth paying full price for.*

For more updates on OKAYOK (like when the awesome sauce studio/shop will open) follow @hey.okayok on Instagram.

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