Strip it all away
Layer by layer
Promise by Promise
One bit at a time
Dismantle the walls
Rip up the floors
Smash through the broken window panes
Let the air blow through
Blow up dust
Blow it all away
The good times
The bad
The lives lived here
Let the night come
Darkness fall
Look up to the deep blue
Stretch out your hand
For the unreachable twinkling
And put the sparkle into your empty eyes
Give them life
Breathe in the night
Breathe out the rest
Wild flowers and sweet grass rise from the dirt
Rise with them
Rise with the sun
Stand up straight, stand tall
Dust off the debris
And let the morning light dry your cheeks
Listen as the waves crash ashore
Washing away the unwanted
Offering a new beginning
Cleansing the souls on land
And pulling the rest into the undertow
So all can be forgiven, forgotten
To move forward
To Move on

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