Every Monday at 11:00am I participate in a guided meditation lead by the wonderful Catie Fenn.  Catie is a Toronto Lawyer, turned Spiritual Coach who provides coaching and meditation, and is pure magic. A few weeks ago at the end of meditation Catie invited the women from the group to an event she was having called Rise Up: Goddess Group.  At first I was a little skeptical and maybe even judgemental of the name; but after talking to Catie about what I could expect from the gathering, my mind opened and my heart warmed up to the idea. Rise Up: Goddess Group is a “new kind of network in Toronto– a community of women supporting, encouraging and elevating one another to live their highest potential.”  As described by Catie on her website.  The two-hour long session took place in a candle lit room in Misfit Studio – a converted Church to Pilates/Yoga studio.  The space alone is enough to awaken your soul.  The gathering ended up being what Catie had promised; “a nourishing spiritual top-up around the time of the full moon.”

The session began with a guided meditation followed by Catie introducing the topic for that nights session. “Learning to listen to my instincts and to trust my gut.”  The night was an interactive workshop where Catie shared her personal life tools and techniques that have assisted her through her own life challenges.  From there, all of the women broke out into groups of three to coach and collaborate with one another about their own goals. I really enjoyed the break out session because we were asked to use each other to be accountable for our actions in the weeks to follow, and we were asked to come up with a plan of action to be kinder to ourselves and to grow.

I made a suggestion that my girls loved – speaking to ourselves in the mirror every morning and saying all of the nice things we would want to hear the people we love most say to us – to ourselves.  Words of love, encouragement and endearment, and you know what?  It felt really good looking myself in the eyes and telling myself I deserve peace, and love and happiness.  Hearing my own voice say; I’m worth the life I’ve been blessed to live.  It felt good to listen to myself, connect with myself and actually believe myself and in myself.  Powerful moments in privacy are exactly that, powerful. If deep connection, divine feminine energy and sacred soul expansion sounds like something you could be into visit Catie’s website Lovewarrior.ca for more information about her and when the next Rise Up: Goddess Group Gathering will be.  Thank you Catie for creating an incredible magical safe space for Goddesses to connect and rise together.  XO

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