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Silver Lining

Yesterday I woke up at 3:00am with a migraine and was pretty much awake until I went to sleep last night. If you have ever had a migraine – then you know all about the brain pain, it feels like the nerves in my head are short circuiting, causing my vision to go blurry, my tummy to turn – and the only thing that helps is laying horizontal in a cool, pitch black, silent room.

The silver living to having a migraine is when the pain finally subsides – I feel overwhelmed with feelings of love and gratitude. Love for my life – that I can now participate in. Gratitude for my health and all of things that make my life so special – big and small.

One of the little things I love so much are the clementines from @fruitsuite. They are juicy, delicious and arrive still attached to their vines – which makes me feel like i’m somewhere warm and tropical. Really, i’m just in the kitchen, lucky enough to enjoy fresh, locally farmed fruit.
Photo by @mattjspatterson (Instagram handle).

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