With summer coming to an end – my soul is beginning to calm as my mind refocuses on setting realistic goals, restructuring my lifestyle by shifting from what can feel like reckless and chaotic behaviour into more sustainable and productive life choices.

Here are some life tips I practice and incorporate to ensure I stay on track and stay sane.

  1. Learn to say no. – Summer is the season of endless invitations to events that usually entail late nights and drinking.  As the summer winds down, learn to slow down with it.  Be selective with your plans and who you choose to spend your time with.  The less you are out and about, the more time you have to invest in yourself and to save money.
  2. Learn to say yes. – I am fortunate enough to work at a company who promotes Health and Wellness.  My coworkers send invites over Slack daily inviting one another to boot camp classes, climbing nights and team sporting events.  When you switch your social activities from party to productive – it effects how you sleep, how your brain functions and can develop relationships with like minded folks.
  3. Use your calendar – We are living in a BUSY time my friends and the one way not to get pulled under is to stay organized.  Make lists and use your calendar.  Book everything, monitor your time and honour your system.  This includes scheduling breaks and lunches.  I like to take a book outside on my lunch break, eat and read in a sunny spot.
  4. Set realistic goals – Waking up, going to work and hustling is called “Adulting”.  The way to make it more interesting and keep yourself inspired is by setting realistic goals you can accomplish regularly – that make you feel like you are kicking ass.  Finish that book, run that 5K, meal prep for the week and pack yourself a healthy lunch for the week.  Whatever it is, set goals for yourself that provide a sense of achievement and self care.
  5. Sit still, listen hard, write it down, tell no one. This is a big one for me.  As a kid I kept everything in and bottled stuff.  It turned into a life of fight or flight.  Growing up I’ve tried to figure out how to tune in with myself, listen to my needs, figure out how i’m feeling, locate the root of things, and maneuver my way through life.  The one thing I struggle with these days is learning when to ask for advice (sometimes too much advice) and learning when to trust myself.  I find sitting still, turning off the world, meditating and then writing helps me to think about things, play the tape the whole way through, and figure things out without the help of others.  It’s given me the confidence to trust myself, respect myself and believe that I know what’s best for me.
  6. Focus.  This is another thing I find challenging at times but feel it really is so important to succeed. Life is FULL of distractions.  Whether it be our phones, people, or living in a metropolitan city – life can be dizzying – trying to focus on priorities and cutting out time to really do what is needed is a requirement for me to get shit done.
  7. Do. This goes hand-in-hand with Focus.  Get in the zone, shut off the world around you (the best you can) and get down to it.  If you are like me and work in a crazy busy work environment where people are constantly at your desk or slacking you or playing loud music over the Sonos that makes you feel like you are in a Berlin night club – you need to learn how to tune that shit out and tunnel vision your own tasks.  Focusing on my breathing, meditation, drinking water, and 8 hours of sleep at night are key contributors that factor into me being able to control the direction my brain goes when engulfed in chaos – so I can get shit done.

Now that i’ve shared my tips with you I would love to hear how you stay organized, on track and in a healthy state of mind.  Leave your advice and life tips in the comment section below.


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