I love sleep, I love going to bed early, sleeping peacefully wrapped up in my fluffy duvet, dreaming vividly, and waking up refreshed with a clear head to a new day.  Sleep is good for my mind, body and soul.

After 11:00pm, my brain shuts off entirely and literally anything can happen.  My behaviour is unexplainable,  it’s usually not pretty and the only place for me to go is bed.  When I don’t get a good night sleep my entire next day and I just can’t get it together.  I’m groggy, cranky, anxious, and clumsy.  The only thing that gets me out of bed is bribing myself with a coffee and the reassurance that I will allow myself to crawl right back under my blankets and into bed as soon as I make it through my apartment door. Sleep is something I take seriously, aside from my love for it, I’m aware that sleep plays an important role in my physical health.  Sleep is involved in the healing and repair of my heart and blood vessels, and deep sleep, REM sleep stimulates my brain regions used in learning. Translation; no sleep equals an unhappy heart and a brain without full functionality.    One night without enough sleep can elevate blood pressure throughout the entire next day. Sleep deprivation can lead to chronic health problems such as; high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.    Even though I love sleep, there are nights when I have trouble falling asleep.  Some remedies I find helpful in assisting me during my travel to Sleep Town are bedtime tea and meditation. Helen and Hildegard have a dispensary of certified organic loose teas.  I swear by their custom sleepy time batch.   I practice meditation to achieve inner peace and consistent calmness, however some of the techniques I’ve learned using the Headspace app can also be applied when trying to fall asleep.  Deep breathes, and counting my breath have both been super helpful.  Sometimes I’ll throw on a 10 minute meditation and the sound of Andy Puddicombe’s voice is so relaxing he puts me right to sleep. For more information on Helen and Hildegard or Head Space click the links above and check out their websites. You can also follow them along on Instagram. Sweet dreams and sleep well.

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