Living in Toronto, Ontario I sometimes envy those living in America and Europe.  The endless options for weekend jaunt locations can make Canada look expensive and boring.  If you’re not up for a 4 to 6 hour drive or interested in dropping some hard earned cash on a flight to a nearby city, the options for where to escape to can be exhausted pretty quickly. I’m a city girl with a soft heart who loves to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind for a little R&R in nature.  To clarify, I don’t mean pitching a tent and getting eaten alive by mosquitos.  My idea of nature indulgence includes dad’s home across from Muskoka River or road trips to surrounding towns that offer hiking trails, water falls, wineries, and spa and wellness centres.
I would try glamping if an invitation ended up in my inbox but sleeping in doors is really where my comfort level is at these days.  That’s why Ste. Anne’s Spa in Grafton, Ontario was the perfect little weekend retreat.  An hour and half drive out of the city, I found myself at a darling stone built spa and resort surrounded by nature, woods and trails.  On the property; hot and cold pools, Eucalyptic steam room, wellness classes, noise and electronic free lounge areas with fire places and massage chairs, and a dining room that offered a view of the lake from every seat.  The architecture and interior were cosy country chic and the mood is relaxation comfort city.  Wearing my plush robe everywhere except dinner was actually encouraged by Ste. Anne’s staff.Catherine Lee Suite – Located in the New Wing of Ste. Anne’s The highlights of my weekend were; Yoga Nidra in the East Suite.   A half an hour guided Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” class that involved me, lying on a yoga mat, cushion under my head and knees, covered with a blanket and eye mask as the fire crackled.  My instructor leading a deeply relaxing class that took my mind, body and spirit to a place between sleeping and waking.    The purpose of Yoga Nidra was to allow my instructor to take me  “inward to rebuild strength, recapture energy, and reflect on what is truly important in my life”. I liked it so much the first time, I did it the second day as well.
 Pre-Yoga Nidra Class in the East Suite. Tea Time in the dining room to follow was lovely, partially because the bite sized sammies and desserts were light and fresh, and the herbal tea was scrumptious.  The icing on the preverbal cake was how completely comfortable I was owning my contentment from enjoying life at a senior citizens pace.
 Tea Time in the Dining Room. For more information about Ste. Anne’s Spa please visit their website 

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