I don’t want to talk about the Harvest Moon, the season change or my menstrual cycle.  I don’t want to talk about how when I left the house this morning I was wearing a turtle neck and a bomber jacket and I was still cold.  I don’t want to talk about the fact that I had my first Pumpkin Spiced latte of the season today (and I God damn love my Buckys topped with whipped cream.)

Let’s talk about the real reason we’re excited for Fall.  It’s the same reason we spend hours packing away our bikinis and shorts and dresses and make room for our favourite, warmer wardrobe.  I want to talk about our cosy sweaters, dreamy jackets, the shift in colour shades.  I want to talk about the softest, warmest, fabrics. I want to talk about Fall Fashion. 

The Teddy Bear VS Denim/Shearling Jacket

These cozy, comfortable outer-wears have returned for another season and I want to know one thing – how am I suppose to choose?  I hate the act of overconsumption but sometimes I wonder ” would having two fall coats be totally unreasonable?”  I realize Fall only lasts as long as it takes for the leaves to change colour and fall to ground.  The transition time between summer and winter can feel like a blink of an eye.  In all honesty I might not even make up my mind between which coat to get before the first snow fall.  These jackets though:

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The Multi-coloured Mani

You might be noticing a pattern of indecision and you would be correct in your observation.  It’s good to know i’m not alone when it comes to being playful with colour.  I mean if there is one thing to have a sense of humour about and be expressive with – it’s nail polish.  Just think about all of the fun nail polish names!  I cereally want that job in my next life.  Nail art is not for the faint of heart.  Whether you prefer a long or short cut – the multi-coloured mani works and it is amaze.

Ruffled Details

I don’t know who started the ruffle detailing trend but it has me feeling sexy and feminine without having to put in much effort.  I love how the ruffle on turtle necks, waist lines and wrist adds a little more character and flirt to my fit.

Witchy Boots

I love the witchy boot because its flat, its slightly little more pointed then your average bootie and it fits the ankle.  The witchy boot is the perfect height, doesn’t look weird with socks and tights or a variety of denim styles. TWB are the Fall cool girl boot and i’m obsessed.



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