It’s easy to forget the little things – and how much significance they bring into our daily life.  I’ve been sick for the past week with some sort of summer cold – and I finally feel like I have my energy back.  The first thing I did when I woke up was walk to The Good Neighbour for an Americano and some fresh baked goods.   I walked back to sit  in my cool apartment to enjoy my small but wonderful breakfast in solitude.

After tidying up, laundering and disinfecting all surfaces I put Chi Chi and a book in my bike basket and went to a nearby park.It was so nice to be outside, sitting in the sun, hearing city sounds of children playing and the Go Train passing by.  I was lucky enough to have four very sweet visitors – a fellow Junctionite and his three beautiful daughters – they all gathered around me – hoping to pet Chi Chi.  It was so sweet to see them all be gentle and kind to one another.  For a second I felt like I understood what a family of my own felt like – then as quickly as they came – they were off to play hide-and-seek.I’m grateful to be feeling better and excited to get back to work tomorrow.  I’m grateful to have a life I want to get back to.  I’m grateful for my renewed perspective on how much opportunity life offers if you are willing to just reach back and accept lifes’ offerings. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend – happy (almost) Monday. xo

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