I would like to introduce you to someone who brings a lot of happiness, peace and self-acceptance into my life – through my imaginary relationship with her :).  Stay with me now.

I am someone who wakes up every day and takes medication in order to live a normal life with a mental health disorder called Bipolar 2.  I do other things as well, such as getting enough sleep, trying to eat healthy, forgive myself when I eat emotionally (which usually means fast food or junk food), meditation, therapy and exercise.

Something that is very important to me – and that has contributed to my mental wellness is the commitment I have made to surround myself with people who accept me.  People who are able to love me and accept my love.  People who can provide me with loyal, unwavering, stable love and friendship.

I have also been working at a company that encourages over all good health – including mental wellness.  The company I work for provides services that help me achieve my health goals and welcomes open dialogue around mental health – to help bring awareness and normalize people in the work place who may be struggling.

This is why when I found this person – (I will tell you who she is just keep reading) – I was so drawn to her.  Not only is she a successful business women who promotes a brand that represents happiness, she is funny, she is a fantastic dresser, her home looks like a place where only good vibes flow AND she is a mental health advocate – because she too – like me has Bipolar 2.

Jen Gotch is the most important person on Instagram.  With 206,000 followers she uses her platform to abolish stigma and start conversations to help bring awareness.  She is also an incredibly talented dancer, unapologetically uncensored with her candid condor and has just launched her own Podcast called “Jen Gotch is Ok Sometimes” on Girl Boss Radio.

Which is kind of why I chose today to share Jen Gotch with you – her podcast episodes launch every Tuesday.  There are 2 that you can listen to right away.  Which is awesome, because Jen is definitely binge worthy.

If you ever read this Jen – thank you for all that you are doing for mental health and the bipolar 2 community.  Thank you for always responding to my DM’s and making me feel like we are actually in a really cool girl gang.

I bought the anxiety and depression necklace – but i’m working up the courage to buy myself the bipolar necklace.
Until I get there though –  Thank you for making me feel like a normal girl and for making me laugh all the time and for your god damn sexy sex hair.  You’re so cool, and hot and I love you and I hope I meet you one day. K I’ll stop fan girling now.  Bye!

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