After a 15 hour migraine, I woke up today with a clear head and a free pass to the Toronto Yoga Conference & Show – an annual conference that takes place at the Convention Centre.  I went with little to no expectations or knowledge of the conference.  The layout was what one would expect – a typical room full of vendors offering everything from clothing and jewelry, nutritional food and drink, to random one offs like plug in self massagers (which were amazing) and oddly dressed men giving demonstrations of age defying products – yes I tried them, no they didn’t work.

In addition to the conference and show I took advantage of the other offerings guests could pay for.  I signed up for a morning MalaBead Making Workshop with Julie Lockhart Thompson and an early afternoon Empower Flow Vinyasa yoga class with Seane Corn.

I LOVED the MalaBead making workshop because I learned so much – for starters there are 108 reasons why there are 108 beads on the meditation prayer necklace; what I took away in all honesty is that MalaBeads are created with intention and are used to manifest positive energy.  When the malabead necklace breaks the energy has been restored within ourself and the time has come to focus our energy on something new.  Fun fact: The tassle represents detachment, another reason to let go once the malabeads have served their purpose.

Meditating with my MalaBeads and a journaling session made for a perfect little Saturday night.

Seane Corn’s lesson was a flow of movement and intense stretching – blended with the most beautiful words I may have ever heard someone speak.  Seane is such an intelligent human who dedicates her time to sharing knowledge about how our souls, bodies and energies align within ourself, the rest of the world, and calls it yoga.  This class was more than a workout – it was a spiritual awakening on a yoga mat.

I didn’t believe Seane at the beginning of the class when she called everyone up to the front of the room and explained how the power of her practice sometimes resulted in an emotional extracting from within.  But after an hour long class, there I was, cooling down, lights dimmed, listening to Seane tell (what felt like only me) how the soul is ETERNAL, it will always be with me and that we are all connected by our energy.  It was so damn comforting and beautiful – my arms flew up to shield my face that was drenched in unexpected tears. I tried to weep quietly in respect for my yoga neighbours while also releasing the emotions that had been buried deep inside of me.

Seane & I after class – Thank you for taking the time to accept my gratitude and for taking a photo with me.

I’m so grateful for such an informative and spiritually enlightening day.  If you’re going to The Toronto Yoga Conference & Show, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of a course or class.  They were the foundation of what made the conference fulfilling.

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