Am I cool? I don’t know.  Do I love certain IG accounts yes, are the women of said Instagram accounts all launching their own podcasts or making guest appearances on podcasts belonging to other IG accounts I love? Yes.  Does it matter where I fit into all this?  No.  What matters is there is so much goodness to listen to that I am spending my Saturday night, sipping on a Go Nuts Chocolate Happy Planet beverage while putting together a riveting list of podcasts for you to subscribe to so that you can feel as fulfilled as I do.  You’re welcome.   Name: Jen Gotch
Instagram Handle: @jengotch
Podcast: Jen Gotch is Ok SometimesWhy You Should Follow/Listen: Jen is the most important person on the internet.  She is funny, she is a successful entrepreneur, she stands for happiness, equality and is an advocate for mental health awareness. Name: Ascot and Hart
Instagram Handle: @ascotandhart
Podcast: Fridays with Flea Style with Ascot + HartWhy You Should Listen: Cool girls Texan Laura Wiertzema @ascotfriday and California girl Jen Coleman @jenlovescove  are the Founders, of online vintage/new clothing store Ascot+Hart.  The two quickly bonded over a mutual love for unkempt hair and Mexican food as well as a penchant for shaggy dogs, donuts, and all-day Target shopping sprees.  They are constantly on the hunt for fresh and emerging trends.  Have teamed up with Target and Costco to market all of their goodness, and are wives, moms, and entrepreneurs of a crazy rad brand – that is affordable and represents their own personal style.   Name: Sammi Jefcoate
Instagram Handle: @sammijefcoate
Podcast: As Your Are Why You Should Listen:  Sammi is bad ass, tatted up, blogger who describes herself as “a mother, a wife: and another girl with a deep appreciation for getting dressed.” She’s also a host of her own podcast where she speaks to her guests about “what makes them who they are and what they are super passionate about.”   Name: Jerico MandyburInstagram: @jerico.mandyburPodcast: Self ServiceWhy You Should Listen: Editorial Director of Girl Boss, Author, Tarot Card Reader, Reiki, Intersectional Healer and Self Care Advisor – and host of Self Service.  Jerico uses her platform to speak/share dialogue between unconventional heart healers, on trend advisors and to teach her listeners to be unapologetic when it comes to self care and how we feel about the space we are take up on this planet. In a world where self care and wellness is trending – it’s nice to follow women who feel comfortable in their own skin and authentically want their followers to feel as good about how they identify and love themselves.

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