Dating Apps Not Included

In an era of digital everything why not treat dating differently?

Do you really want your “How We Met” story to be “We matched from swiping right?” Yawn.

Meeting someone special shouldn’t be as easy, convenient or simple as ordering a car service.

There should be bravado.  There should be physical chemistry.  There should be mild nausea from having to muster the courage to go up and say hello.

Whether you’re introverted or extroverted does not matter.  Going out on a limb for love starts with going out.  Here are 5 places to visit in the name of companionship:

A Lecture or Poetry Reading

OK I will admit I have never been to either a lecture or a poetry reading. I suggested these two options, because I’m suggesting you go somewhere, listen to something, and strike up conversation afterwards. 

Whenever I  go to a movie or listen to a podcast with someone, the next natural thing that follows is a conversation about what we thought of the movie or the podcast.  

Imagine yourself, sitting alone, listening attentively (while casually scanning the room).  Your eyes lock with someone else’s, you’re in luck, they’re alone too.  You exchange smiles, and afterwards, find yourselves exiting through the same door, at the same time. 

You ask “how did you like the talk?” They respond and return the question.  You respond and the next thing you know, you’re continuing the conversation, sharing a bottle of vino by candle light at a bar a few doors over.

A Concert Or Music Festival

 The best line I’ve ever said to someone (according to that someone) went like this;  I’m in the pit at the Black Keys Concert, its summer, i’m thirsty, I sneak into VIP to get a refreshment.  I see a guy,  he’s standing around with some other people, I make my way over.  I stand in the circle of strangers, facing the guy i’ve got my eye on, he looks at me,  I smile.  He says “hello” and I say “I mean, I wouldn’t NOT go out with you.” Next thing I knew, we were exchanging numbers and engaged in a casual relationship for the rest of the summer.  

Maybe you’re more of an introvert and aren’t as forward as I am.  That’s OK because going out to a concert or music festival is a great way to meet people regardless.  

Leave it to the music to create a positive vibe.  All you need to do is enjoy yourself.  When you’re having fun, it attracts fun.  When you’re smiling, laughing and free, you are attracting the same energy, and it will gravitate towards you.  

Worst case scenario, get your friend(s) to be your wingman, that’s what friends are for.

The Office

Yep, you read that correctly,  the office.  As in, your place of work.  Think about this, for many of us, a large portion of our days are spent at work; in fact, the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime.  Which is a lot. 

When you consider the fact that we spend more time at work then we do with friends and family, it’s only logical that relationships will form. Sometimes those relationships are platonic and sometimes they can turn romantic.  

Word to the wise though: if you are going to date or sleep with someone you work with you need to be prepared for the following:

The hook up being (only) a hook up.  The dating turning into a break up.  The spark turning into a flame and love taking over.  Regardless of how it goes, make sure you’re able to maintain professionalism while working together every day.

A Book Store

Similar to a lecture or a poetry reading, books obviously ignite conversation.  Being in a book store (preferably an independent or recycled one) would be a super sweet way to find new books and a bae to read with at night.  #ReadingDatesAreTheBestDates 


When you leave your work, worries and every day stress behind it makes room for meeting new people. I’ve always connected with other travellers, while falling in love with a new city, language, and culture. It only makes sense to fall in love with a sexy stranger too.

The best advice I can give is to stay open. Mind, heart and perspective. For only when you are open, can others enter into your life warmly.

Xo Lovers.

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