More Me, Less You is a personal blog that shares my Human Experience as a Spirit.  My name is Hannah, and I am a city girl with a hippie soul.  I live in Canada’s BEST city Toronto with my best friend Chi Chi; an overweight Chihuahua who is my animal spirit. Don’t let the name fool you; More Me, Less You is a positive space, to share my journey in life – achieving peace within, living life without judgement-to the fullest-with heaps of love.

I think it’s important to be my own biggest fan and to be as kind to myself as I would be to others.  “More Me”, because the experience I am sharing is my own.  Sometimes I need to be still and get quiet to be able to hear what my soul needs, feels and desires.  “Less You” means tuning out the opinions of others, being able to listen to my inner voice, and being brave enough to share my truth – with all of you.

I love to write and I have been writing since I was a little girl.  In my adult years  I have been published in BlogTO, NOW Magazine and YYZ Living in the Lifestyle and Design categories.  More Me, Less You is my creative outlet where I will be sharing my Human Experience and Endless Wellness Journey with all of you – other friendly souls and energies – Welcome!

xo Hannah xo

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