My dad moved into a beautiful home outside of the city a couple of years ago. It’s a big home, that can fit our family of five + significant others – surrounded by towering trees, wildlife and the Muskoka river.  When I look up at night, I see constellations, and the only beam of light shining down on me is that which comes from the moon.  

Compared to life in my twenties, i’m living at a much calmer pace – regardless of how slow I go, life in Toronto can be exhausting at times.  Dad’s house is a very serene and peaceful place where I can be outside surrounded by nature or curled up on the couch reading or catching an afternoon nap. 

                                    Favourite room in the house.

              Light reading – picked this up at Anthropologie


It’s nice visiting with the understanding there is no agenda and there are zero expectations – I can do as much or as little activity as I please.  Personally I feel all visits and getaways should be the same – relaxed and easy.

     Taking a moment of mindfulness at Port Sydney Beach.

Before heading back to the city I made a stopped at my old camp Mini-Yo-We to get on that spiritually enlighten level.  It was so warm today so I was able to walk most of the empty property – reminiscing about my childhood – without freezing.

As you can see i’m dressed comfortably in my signature weekend uniform.  Sexy Stretch Ankle Leggings purchased last summer at the Express Field Trip pop-up.  These tights have really lasted through hangouts, work outs and washes.  My Ultra Light Down Jacket from Uniqlo is my main jacket that I mostly wear on it’s own – but it also works as an extra layer of warmth under my leather jacket, or my winter heavy.  My Kodiak Acadia Shearling Short Boots keep my feet warm and dry.  I love that they don’t look like winter boots – which means I can wear them during my commute and keep them all day at work without looking sloppy. 

Photos were taken with my Samsung S6.

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